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         Gear and pulley drive systems are common methods of transmitting motion from a source to an end load. Almost everyone can recognize belt and pulley drive systems, even without an engineering background.

        High quality pulleys, tooth smooth no traces, closed tightly on the retaining ring is not easy. Surface brightness is obviously, antirust side friction, convex joint complete no welding mark

        Applications:Toy, Automotive, instrument, electrical equipment, household appliances, furniture, mechanical equipment,daily living equipment, electronic sports equipment, , sanitation machinery, market/ hotel equipment supplies, etc.

Basic Overview of Pulleys

Pulleys with rubber belts are also very familiar, especially in vehicle systems. Nearly every car has a rubber v-belt or serpentine belt driving the pulleys in front of the engine.
For a belt system to run properly, the two (or more) pulleys should ideally be perfectly in line with each other, or in other words, the axes of revolution should be perfectly parallel. If not, the life of the belt is greatly reduced, and there will be more vibration.

Basic Overview of Gears

Gears always have an axle passing through them, or at least an imaginary ‘axis’ of revolution around which the rotation occurs. The relative alignment and distance between the two axes of revolution will dictate what type of gear is best suited for the application. 

The two terms to keep in mind with gear alignment are ‘angle’ and ‘offset.’ If you imagine the two axes of revolution as infinitely long lines passing through the center of the gear along the axle, you should be able to determine their relationship.

Same Angle, But with Offset

If two axles run parallel to each other, but with one above the other, or side by side, a Spur gear would be the most reasonable choice. This kind of gear is one of the two most common gear types to encounter. The gear itself is a round disk with the teeth cut straight into the face along the outside edge. 


belt gear pulley

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belt gear pulley advantages:

(1) Pulley drive can mitigate the impact of load;
(2) Belt pulley drive running smoothly, low noise, low vibration;
(3) Belt pulley transmission structure is simple, easy to adjust;

(4) pulley manufacturing and installation precision is not as strict as meshing transmission;
(5) Belt pulley transmission has the function of overload protection;
(6) Belt pulley transmission of the two axis center distance adjustment range is large.

A belt and pulley system is characterized by two or more pulleys in common to a belt. This allows for mechanical power, torque, and speed to be transmitted across axes and, if the pulleys are of differing diameters,a mechanical advantage to be realized.


A pulley(also called sheave orblock)is a wheel with a groove between two flanges around its
circumference. A rope, cable or belt usually runs inside the groove.Pulleys are used to change the direction of an applied force, transmit rotational motion,or realize a mechanical advantage in either a linear or rotational system of motion.

Service process

a.Customer provides drawings (format: CAD, PDF, STP) or samples. The following information on the drawings is clear:
quantity of processing, material, precision tolerances, surface treatment and special requirements. Our teem member
can make appropriate modifications or designs according to customer needs.


Negotiate with customers and promise to provide the team with the power to provide competitive prices.
But price is not the only factor in our service, quality, delivery, after-sales and service attitude are equally important.


a. Equipment support:  lathe, cnc milling machine, cnc grinding machine, cnc drilling machine, wire cutting (fast, slow),
CNC (car, milling), carving machine, 5-axis CNC center  etc.
b. Quality inspection : QC team and teast by inspection equipments .
We do inspection all through the producting.From material to finish.
ur inspection equipment include Rockwell hardness monitor and
Vickers hardness monitor,3D image inspection instrument,torque testing machine ,
optical screening machine,high-temp tensile testing machine ects 


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